Kerala Hindu Society of North Texas Inc is a State of Texas registered “Not for profit” 501C(3) corporation. Kerala Hindu Society of North Texas (KHSNT) started informally in Aug 1985 as a monthly prayer gathering of families of “Kerala Hindu” origin.

Sri Guruvayurappan Temple of Dallas has been built over a foundation of over 35 years of Bhajanas, Satsangs & Namasankritanas. Since 1985,  (till date) members from Kerala Hindu Society of North Texas (KHSNT) continue to meet for a monthly prayer.  KHSNT started with an objective of imparting younger generation Hindu Sprititual and cultural values and holding the Kerala Hindu community united in the metroplex; it went on to lay the foundation for Uniting all the Kerala Hindus across North America in 2001 through the first convention of KHNA. 

KHSNT Major Milestones

Aug 1985 – First prayer gathering of families of Kerala Hindu origin. Prayer meetings every month starts.
Apr 2001 – KHSNT unites Hindu Organizations for people Kerala Origin across North America to organize the first convention for Kerala Hindus living in North America.
Apr 2007 – Buys own 3200Sqft community center at 4601 Gus Thomasson Road, Mesquite, TX.
Nov 2008 – First Srimad Bhagavata Sapthaham in moolam in U.S.A within the Kerala Hindu Community.
Aug 2010 – Vastuvidwan Kanippayoor Krishnan Namboodiri and Bhagavata Samrat Perumbally Kesavan Namboodiri blesses a 3.4 acre land good for temple construction.