Aug 2010 – Land is blessed by VastuVidwan Kanippayur Krishnan Namboodiripad & Bhagavata Samrat Perumbally Kesavan Namboodiri
Oct 2010 – Land is purchased
Oct 2010 – Sacred Tulasi Planting by devotees
Jan 2011 – Basic design approval & Survey etc.
Feb 2011 – Architect & Engg Paper work starts.
Mar 2011 – VaastuBali Pooja, (Brahmasri Kariannur Divakaran Namboodiri)
Apr 2011 – City of Carrollton approves primary plan proposal for temple
Jul 2011 – Kanippayur Krishnan Namboodiri does Sthananirnayam (location of temple).
Jul 2011 – Krishna moves from KHS center mesquite to new location next to property. Daily Deeparadhana and operation of “Sri Guruvayurappan Temple of Dallas” begins.
Aug 2011 – Deity to be used for daily pooja at temple starts starts Darshan at various temples in India.
Bharata Punya Kshethra Darsha was done by a team of Bhagavata Acharyas under the direction of
Bhagavata Samrat Perumbally Kesavan Namboodiri.
Nov 2011 – Deity of Lord Krishna arrives Dallas after darshan at over 108 temples in India.
Dec 2011 – Bhagavata Sri Krishna Prathishta of Lord Krishna by Sri Kariannur Divakaran Namboodiri
Aug 2012 – Approval from City of Farmers Branch to use the Spring Valley road as the primary access to the temple property.
Oct 2012 – VastuVidwan Kanippayur Krishnan Namboothiripad marked the temple and Sreekovil area.
Acharya Varanam – Sri Kariyannur Divakaran Thirumeni as our Thantri
Booparighraham and Karshanam pooja at the temple land (First ritual step towards construction) 
Oct 2012 – Ground Breaking ceremony for KHS Spiritual Hall by the City of Carrollton Officials
Approval of Site Plan by City of Carrollton
Sep 2013 – Planning and Zoning commission of city of Carrollton has approved the Final Plat for the Temple property
Sep 2013 – In preparation of our Guruvayurappan Temple construction, we initiated the NamarppaNam process at the Sri Guruvayurappan Temple of Dallas. The FIRST NAMA JAPAM was held at the temple, to seek the blessings and consent from Lord Guruvayurappan before we begin the ritual.
Nov 2013 – Concluded Namaarpanam process. Visited over 108 houses. Over 1.2 million Naamajapams.
Nov 2013 – Shadadhaara Prathishta, Ishtakastapanam and Garbhanyasam (Nov 22 – 24).
Mar 2015 – Completion of Temple & KHS Spiritual Hall