Devotees can make the following offerings at the temple.

You may book these offering online: (click here)

If you are unable to find the offering you are looking for, please send an email request to “” with offering that you are requesting with your name, email & phone or Call temple office during open hours.

Most popular offerings:

PUSHPANJALI (Archana)($10 per devotee, $5 for each extra family member)
Guruvayurappan, Ayyappa, Ganapathi, Bhagawathi (Devi), Shiva (per devotee)

Mrityunjaya (Shiva)
Narayana Sooktha, Purusha Sooktha, Aikamathya Sooktha, Purusha Sooktha, Bhagya Sooktha, Santana Gopala Mantra, Sarvarogasamana Mantra, Vidya Gopala Mantra, Vishnu Sahasranama (Guruvayurappan)

Chorunnu/Annaprasham (first rice feeding ceremony)
Thulabhaaram (Offer one’s weight of sugar/rice/Sarkkara etc to God)
Neeranjanam (Sesame seed lamp for Sri Ayyappa)
Chuttuvilakku (light lamps all around Srikovil)
Vahana pooja
Thaali pooja

Ganapathi Homam (Ganapathi, morning only)
Karuka Homam (Morning)
Thila Homam (Morning)
Sudharshana Homam (Morning)

Paal (Milk) Payasam(Kheer) – (for Guruvayurappan, Morning only)
Sarkkara (Jaggery) Payasam(Kheer) – (for Guruvayurappan, Evening only)
Thrikkai Venna (butter in hands for 41 days) – (for Guruvayurappan)

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