Ayyappa Mandala Pooja

Ayyappa Mandalamasa Pooja for the year 2023 ended on Dec 27, 2023, with great participation by devotees.
We will have monthly Ayyappa Pooja on first Saturday of every month at 7pm.
Swami Saranam.

Monthly Ayyappa Pooja and Bhajan “AT TEMPLE” (First Saturday, 7PM-8PM)
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Swami Saranam


The 41 days long Ayyappa Mandalamasa Pooja completed on Dec 27, 2023. The event started on Nov 17 (Vrischikam 1). Daily Ayyappa pooja attended by pooja sponsors and devotees and offered Ayyappa bhajans followed by MalaDharana and Deeparadhana. Ayyappa Akhandanama Japam, Laksharchana, Ayyappa Vilakku were performed during this event. The MahaMandala Pooja day (Irumudi day on Dec 25th), started with Ganapathi homam and followed by Swamis did Irumudi Kettunira with Saranam Vili at cultural hall. Irumudi procession with “Thiruvabharanam” ended at the Ayyappa sanctum and devotees offered the Irumudi items to Lord Ayyappa. Followed by Abhishekakam wih Ashta Dravya Kalasha Poojas. Devotees blessed seeing the Special Deeparadhana where Lord Ayyappa with Thiruvabharanam, and collected the pooja prasadams and mahaprasadam. Temple event committee is thankful to Pooja Sponsors, Swamis, all devotees and staff who made this event great success with the blessings of Lord Ayyappa. Swami Saranam.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. MaalaDharana (Nov 17 – Dec 24 7:05pm) – Join the Ayyappa Bhajan that starts at 7:05pm. Maladharana offering receipt should be made at front office or online before Ayyappa Aarathi/Deeparadhana (before 7:30pm). MaalaDharana takes place after the Ayyappa Aarathi, assisted by Temple GuruSwami in the evening session. Maala Pooja by temple priests available during temple morning hours as well (arrive 45 min before Aarathi). Ayyappa Maala, locket, dhoti, towel are available to buy from temple front desk for an additional cost. You are requested to bring a coconut to break for Lord Ganapathi/Ganesha during the procession (Ayyappa Sharana Khosham) around the temple, right after the Maaladharana.
  2. Ayyappa Irumudi Kettunira (Dec 25 5:30am) – Please signup online by Swamis who are offering Irumudi Kettunira at Sri Guruvayurappan Temple of Dallas on Dec 25th 5:30am. This early signup will help us do the arrangements as appropriate and communication will be send out as the date close by. No items (except a towel/sheet to hold the Irumudi on the head/floor) to bring from home for Irumudi Kertunira, all items for Irumudi will be provided by temple for each swamis who registered via online portal or via front desk. Request all swamis to report to temple on Dec 24th 7pm for Ayyappa Pooja and clarify any questions for Kettunira and we may need some volunteers as well for preparations.
  3. MahaMandala Pooja – Dec 25 5:30am starts with Ganapathi Homam followed by Kettunira, Abhishekam, Kalashapoojas, Mahaprasadam. Evening session Ayyappa Pooja at 7:05pm
  4. Mandalam 41st Day – Dec 27 7:05 pm- Closing ceremony of mandala masam.
  5. Additional questions ? send to
  6. Devotees can make payment online or iOS mobile app or at front desk. Ayyappa Mandala Poojas Offerings

Pictures from previous years



Daily Ayyappa Bhajan by devotees..

Ayyappa Akhandanamajapam , 7am-7pm by Ayyappa Devotees..

Ayyappa Laksharchana and Vilakku Puja 4:45pm-7pm


Dec 26, 2021 Maha Mandala Pooja – Video Link

Swami Ayyappa & Padi at Temple Cultural Hall
Kettunira by GuruSwami
“Kanni Swamis” with Irumudi
Procession to temple with “Thiruvabharanam” and Irumudi
IrumudiKettu Irakkal at Ayyappa Sreekovil
Ayyappa Bhajan by Swamis and devotees
Devotees at Ashta Dravya Kalasha Pooja & Special Deeparadhana

Dec 15, 2021 MahamandalaPooja Preparations

Swamis preparing the Irumudi Items for Kettunira
Swami Ayyappa Padi decoration for Mahamandala Pooja

Dec 18, 2021 Ayyappa Vilakku

Dec 11, 2021

Ayyappa LakshaArchana

Dec 4, 2021 Ayyappa Akhanda Nama Japam

Nov 15, 2021
Ayyappa Bhajans are published in temple website
Signup started for Bhajan.

Nov 14, 2021
Sabarimala Melsanthi’s Kettunira Live Special Event:

Sabarimala Melasanthi’s message to devotees in Dallas Guruvayurappan Temple:

Nov 1, 2021
Devotees started Maala Dharana for this season….Maala pooja done by priest and maalayidal done Guruswami/self after Ayyappa aarathi.

Swami’s breaking coconut at the designated area outside the temple, as an offering to Ganesha.

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