• Kindly wear a mask while visiting the temple. Please maintain ‘social distancing’ of 6ft while at temple.
  • Devotees are requested to follow all other CDC mandated COVID-19 guidelines.
  • Devotees who were in close contact with confirmed COVID-19 patients ( not in professional settings), or had travelled internationally in the last 14 days are required to refrain from visiting the temple until it is safe for them to do so.
  • Please check your body temperature at temple thermometer and ensure the temperature is below 99F.

Narayana Narayana, Narayana

This year’s Prathishta Dinam (Prathishta Anniversary, 6th) will be celebrated on June 9, 10 & 11).
Please participate in the Prathishta Parayeduppu event and support the Prathishta Dinam celebrations (Details below).

Signup for offerings: ALL 3 days OFFERINGS SIGNUP (CLICK)

Prathishta dinam Shudhi Poojas (Sanctification/Purification) poojas will be conducted in the morning and evening.
7:00 AM – Maha Ganapathi Homam
9:30 AM – Saptha Shudhi Pooja & 108 Abhishekam

7:00 PM – Deeparadhana
7:05 PM – Prathishta Dinam Shudhi Poojas

SIGNUP for June 9th offerings

6:45 AM – Ganapathi Homam
7:00 AM – Prathishta Dinam (Anniversary) pooja begins
Chathu-Shudhi, Dhara, Panchagavyam, Bimbashudhi Pooja & Abhishekam
11:00 AM – 25 Kalasha Pooja, Abhishekam 

7:00 PM – Deeparadhana
8:00 PM – Prathishta Dinam “Vilakkacharam” & Thalappoli

SIGNUP for June 10th offerings

6:45 AM – Ganapathi Homam
8:30 AM – Navakam (9 Kalasha Pooja) for each Upadevatha (Ganapathy, Ayyappa, Bhagawathi & Shiva).
10:30 AM – Navakam Abhishekams.

SIGNUP for June 11th Offering

(May 14, 2021) Akshaya Thritheeya was conducted at Sri Guruvayurappan Temple with Lakshmi Pooja and Vasthra Samarappanam for Sri Guruvayurappan.

(Apr 26, 2021) Sri Hanuman Jayanthi, birth day of one of the greatest Bhakthas was celebrated with special Hanuman Pooja with Aval Nivedyam and Special pushphanjali. Bhakthas chanted Hanuman Chalisa for few hours.

(April 21, 2021) Sri Rama Navami (birth of Sri Rama) was celebrated at temple with Ramayanam chanting from 7:00AM to 7:00PM. Devotees changed Sri Ezhuthachan’s Ramayanam, Ramayanam from Srimad Bhagavatam over the zoom and in person. The finale was a wonderful play on Ramayanam presented by the children of G.O.D Kids’s program from temple.

(April 14, 2021) Vishu, new year for Kerala was celebrated with Vishukkani for Bhagawaan Guruvayurappan at the temple. Devotees lined up to see the Vishukkani and get Bhagawaan Guruvayurappan’s blessings and get Vishu kaineettam from thirumeni.

Pankuni Uthram, Ayyappa Jayanthi was conducted at temple in a grand way. Thrikala Pooja (3 poojas), Abhishekam was conducted for Lord Ayyappa. Bhajans started at 7:00PM. At 7:30PM we connected via live steam to Sri Dharma Sashta Temple, Pandalam, Kerala (Childhood place of Lord Ayyappa) where Bhajans and Special Poojas were conducted. The Pandalam Palace Patrons welcomed our devotees & management efforts to spread Pankuni uthram and Ayyappa Jayanthi Mahotsavam. Special Neeranjanam was offered by devotees at Dallas Guruvayurappan Temple and Sri Dharmasastha Temple in Pandalam.